Efficiency and Solutions beyond borders

Our History

We began our operations with the firm purpose of offering Mexican Customs Agency and Forwarding services to our valuable business partners both in Mexico and the United States.

Over the years, we have establish our position as a trusted and industry-leading company.

Wide Range of Services

At RLM Group, we understand the importance of an efficient supply chain and are committed to providing comprehensive logistics solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Trust us to make your international trade easier, faster and more reliable. Welcome to a successful partnership with RLM Group!

Mexican Customs Agent Services

Customs clearance in Mexico through key customs such as Nuevo Laredo, Colombia, Piedras Negras, Manzanillo and Mexico City Airport.

American Customs Broker Services

We have a US Customs Broker in our facilities to provide efficient services adapted to the needs of our clients.

Transportation Line for Interborder Crossing

We use tractor-trailers to carry out border crossings efficiently and safely.


We have storage facilities in Laredo with a capacity of 25,000 square feet and a patio storage extension with 10 doors.

Railway Spur

We offer rail services with spurs for unloading in warehouses or RLM yards.


Our services include transshipment, storage and distribution of goods.


We provide door-to-door logistics services to coordinate transportation, customs brokerage (MX-US), border crossing and transportation to the final destination.

Expanding Our Services to Provide a Comprehensive Experience

At RLM Group, we strive to go above and beyond by providing additional services that complement your logistics experience.


Facilitate the commercial success of our clients by optimizing their supply chain.

We strive to offer a Comprehensive Customs Service that not only meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency, but also strengthens collaboration and trust at every stage of the process.


To be a provider of Customs Services recognized globally for trust, security, speed and innovative solutions in International Trade operations.

“We strive to be industry leaders, exceeding our clients’ expectations and contributing to the sustainable success of their business operations on an international scale.”