Strengthening the Supplier Chain with Our Comprehensive Customs Service:

At RLM Forwarding Inc, we are committed to the mission of strengthening our clients’ supplier chain through a Comprehensive Customs Service. Our mission is clear:

“Facilitate the commercial success of our clients by optimizing their supply chain. “We strive to offer a Comprehensive Customs Service that not only meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency, but also strengthens collaboration and trust at every stage of the process.”

Our Commitment

1. Optimization of Delivery Times:

We work tirelessly to guarantee optimal delivery times, speeding up the customs process and minimizing unnecessary delays.

2. Quality in Every Aspect of the Service

We are committed to maintaining high quality standards in all aspects of our service, from initial advice to final delivery.

3. Efficiency in the Reshipment of Goods

We expedite the reshipment of merchandise, ensuring that the process is efficient and hassle-free for our customers.

4. Colaboración Activa

We encourage active collaboration with our clients, understanding their specific needs and adapting to provide tailored solutions.

5. Transparencia y Confianza

We prioritize transparency in all our operations, building a lasting relationship of trust with our clients.

Our Commitment

Greater Operational Efficiency

We simplify and optimize customs processes for greater operational efficiency.

Costs Reduction

We look for opportunities to reduce logistics costs without compromising the quality of service.


We adapt to changes in the business environment and regulations to ensure supply chain continuity.